Monday, December 8, 2014

Outreach Program starts tomorrow

Ok, I am a participant of GNOME OPW now.

If I could send myself back in time and tell 12 years old Asah that she will participate GNOME sponsored project to write a generator with Python, she would never-ever believe it. Myself, being 19 years old, can't believe it till now.

This is a milestone.

If you discovered this program, don't hesitate to submit a small contribution and try to participate. To clarify some things: to participate GNOME Outreach Program for Women you need to:

  • Be, as official GNOME website says "women (cis and trans), trans men, [or] genderqueer"
  • Pick a project and find out, what kind of initial small contribution can you deliver. 
  • Find a mentor, fixed to this project
  • Complete the initial contribution (The hardest part)
  • Commit what you have done, alternatively, send it to mailing list, another words, publish your achievements (mentor will tell you how to do it)
  • Wait
If heads of the project you selected find you good enough, you will get an unique (once in a lifetime!) opportunity to participate OPW. considered me good enough, that was such a big surprise.

To be honest, at first I wanted to participate GSoC and I haven't even knew about OPW. As this two programs are often compared, surfing the web about GSoC I found this poster:

As it was too early yet for GSoC I tried to participate OPW. There were 2 days left before the end of registration. I didn't know a bit about X11, except that it is related to window drawing in Linux. 
I thought I had no chances. But with support of honorable Christian Linhart, my mentor, I completed the task: to write a test case for fresh patch to XCB.

It was hard and it will be only harder, but if I complete this, I will be proud of myself as never before.