Monday, December 22, 2014

Motivation and bullshit

How do you feel when someone calls your code a piece of bullshit?
For me, as I am very not self-confident, this was very discouraging. But it was motivating as well, such an oxymoron. I remember, when some senior student told me, that his teacher would rather kill him than allowed him to write code the way I did. I was so much upset, but then, year after I became one of the best students in my group and also had good -- or even very good, as I always lower my self-esteem -- knowledge of C and Linux. Well, at least I got excellent marks at my operating systems course and course project. And my colleagues rate me as a really good and, wie es man sagt, zukunftweisend at programming. Some of them even call me "warior" =)
So, if you ever will face any kind of critics -- don't just go away or stop doing, what are you  currently doing. Even with my lowered self-esteem I can say for sure, that I am now way better dev, than the guy, who criticized me a year ago. And even if my python script is a bullshit, I will become a way better python dev, when I finish my server-side xcb task. Take that, unknown python wanna-be pro!

And, what can ever be more motivating, than a call from Google? I got one today :D
Just for the history: Google recruiter called me today to talk about internships opportunities. I am more than sure, that I won't fit, because, oh my god, who am I to work at Google, am I asleep? Even more, with OP I got no time to work on other projects. But maybe in not so distant future...