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понеділок, 22 грудня 2014 р.

Motivation and bullshit

How do you feel when someone calls your code a piece of bullshit?
For me, as I am very not self-confident, this was very discouraging. But it was motivating as well, such an oxymoron. I remember, when some senior student told me, that his teacher would rather kill him than allowed him to write code the way I did. I was so much upset, but then, year after I became one of the best students in my group and also had good -- or even very good, as I always lower my self-esteem -- knowledge of C and Linux. Well, at least I got excellent marks at my operating systems course and course project. And my colleagues rate me as a really good and, wie es man sagt, zukunftweisend at programming. Some of them even call me "warior" =)
So, if you ever will face any kind of critics -- don't just go away or stop doing, what are you  currently doing. Even with my lowered self-esteem I can say for sure, that I am now way better dev, than the guy, who criticized me a year ago. And even if my python script is a bullshit, I will become a way better python dev, when I finish my server-side xcb task. Take that, unknown python wanna-be pro!

And, what can ever be more motivating, than a call from Google? I got one today :D
Just for the history: Google recruiter called me today to talk about internships opportunities. I am more than sure, that I won't fit, because, oh my god, who am I to work at Google, am I asleep? Even more, with OP I got no time to work on other projects. But maybe in not so distant future...

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  1. Congratulations for getting a call from a Google Recruiter.
    I think this has to do with your OPW-internship:
    Being selected for an OPW internship says something good about your qualification, and Google is smart to track programs like OPW.

    I think that an internship at Google will be a great opportunity. You can do this, e.g., in your Summer vacations if you have time then.

    I think that you should contact Google again when you'll have finished your OPW internship. Then they can evaluate your work, and you can show them something concrete which is publicly available.

    And: Don't let yourself be put down by critics like that.
    Some people have a habit of using strong words.
    Don't let yourself be influenced by people who cannot express themselves in a civilized manner. Their words say more about them than they say about you.

    I wish you that you can fix your low self-esteem soon.