Monday, January 5, 2015

How does your internship go with these Christmas holidays?

I can't tell that it was a hard month. I was OK month. The only notable this was the Christmas holidays. We have a mailing list among just the OP-participants and many of them has written about day-offs, holidays, travelling and so on, but, as for me, I met the New Year with my bf, very quietly, just for us two. I am also looking forward for Xmas (which we celebrate the 7th of January), but I doubt that we will party all night :)
The good thing is that I can work more.
I've made a good deal during this month, at least, I feel like I have.
I am so ashamed I couldn't deal with installation from source, autoconf and automake before. These are so often used things, I just had to manage them :(
So good that I learned python more or less. Coursera is a really good place for learning things.
One good person said once, that coursera has opened the whole world for him. I should go and find another course after internship.